As DKI Machinery, in the field of industrial microwave food drying systems, we have been serving to many companies which all of them are giants in Turkey’s industry.

With our industrial microwave food drying methods which has eliminated the traditional drying methods that are costly and bulky in the industrial area…

As DKI Machinery Industry and Trade Limited Company, we know how important R & D is for economic development...

With R&D, design and project studies, technological production, has a very important place in Turkey's economy with years of experience.

Industrial Microwave Dryer

To continue our R & D activities in the field of industrial microwave drying systems in an innovation-oriented manner in the next 10 years by strengthening our position as service provider in industrial microwave drying field. To become a recognized position first in Turkey after that in worldwide as a corporation by giving place to innovation, development and creativity in our corporate structure.

Our primary mission is to maintain the momentum we already have achieved with industrial microwave drying in Turkey in general and to offer cost effective and high return industry solutions to promising industrial enterprises of Turkey’s economy. In the same way, to maximize production by minimizing unnecessary energy consumption caused by traditional methods in industrial area with effective solutions.


Microwave Drying Machine

We are honored to serve the industrial microwave drying sevices which is a new use in Turkey general, in a way that provides the most efficient results to various sectors.

  • Ceramic And Mineral Drying
  • Food Drying And Sterilization-Fumigation
  • Tea, Tomato, Citrus, Spices, Legumes
  • Flour (Hazelnut Flour)
  • Viol Drying (Packaging Industry)
  • Drying of Textile Products
  • Insulation Plates, Insulation Products
  • Drying Wood-Lumber
  • Drying Sawdust
  • Drying Pellet
  • Defrosting

Our Products

Belt Drying Ovens

Belt drying ovens meet different industrial needs and the drying process needs to be spread over time.

Vacuum Drying Ovens

Vacuum drying ovens are one of the industrial systems that DKI Industry integrates with microwave technology.

Project Furnaces

Drying ovens used in educational institutions for scientific purposes considered as project furnaces..

Tunnel Type Cooling

As DKI Machinery, we are pleased to offer you  quality service.
Contact for tunnel type cooling

Our References

The reference in its simplest form means that “The source which will be telling you.”

Vacuum Type Microwave Drying Ovens

"We operate with the principle of maximum efficiency in industrial oriented business types such as mineral drying and calcination, with the microwave technology, which is one of the most innovative technologies in the drying field."

Mineral Drying and Calcination

"As DKI Industry, we actively use micro wave technology in all industrial business processes and focus on maximizing efficiency from this use. In the food industry, we also benefit from advanced industry solutions and cutting-edge technology."

Food Drying

"We make maximum effort to support academic and professional activities within the scope of Project & Santez."

Projects & Santez


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